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Image by Jack B
What We're All About

CoffinRocket is an independently owned, small business, that carries a variety of unique designs and products. All designs are brought to you from

across the stars by your one and only aviator,

Aether (that's me hi). 

Here aboard the CoffinRocket, we welcome passengers of all-kinds! Regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, genre, religion (if you're into that sorta thing),

body type, blood type (are you O+ asking for a friend), AFAB/AMAD

but always ACAB (oink oink), neuro-spice or neuro-ice,

whatever you are, thank you, and you are welcome!

We strive for inclusion and confusion with all of our designs that make your friends, family members, pets, loved ones, (dead ones), strange ones, other ones,

just say, "what the heck?" or "oh, that's nice..."

If you have any queries, please direct yourselves to the contact section of the menu above (it's right under the nifty title I made).

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