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Image by Jack B
  • Where can I ask question?
    If you have any question you would like answered, you can contact me by email at using the subject title QUESTIONS or you can check out my facebook page at Aether Urned by leaving a comment on the pinned post.
  • What is a coffin rocket?
    A coffin rocket is my way of ferrying souls across the universe! On this adventure through the stars we find a place for everyone and everything on board, no matter how long or how far the journey takes us.
  • What do you sell?
    Currently, we primarily sell stickers. However, with the support and help of my lovely passengers (you), I hope to eventually include enamel pins, t-shirts, prints, and so much more!
  • Where can I find updates about your store?
    Great question! You can find more information about my store, myself, and so much more on my instagram, facebook, and tiktok pages! All of which you can find links to down at the bottom of every page of this website.
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